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The Vault of Kings: The Temple of Air

The Great Tree of Gelendor is living on borrowed time. To keep the sacred wonder alive, Sylas and the others must continue to find the elemental stones of power before it's too late. The Stone of Air is rumored to be hidden in one of the world's most ancient structures: a temple build by the original Kings themselves, dedicated to the first King, Zephyr. In order to get there, Sylas and his companions must cross a mysterious lake, enter a forbidden land protected by ancient Magick, face deadly creatures, and overcome their darkest fears. No one has entered the Temple of Zephyr since the Era of Kings - what ancient dangers could await them at their destination?

Dark secrets and ancient mysteries unfold as Sylas and his companions embark on their most dangerous adventure yet. If they are so succeed in their quest, not only will they need to uncover the mysteries of the Temple of Zephyr, but they must also discover who they truly are in the process. 

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