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The Vault of Kings: The Scorched Lands

The hot desert sands of the Scorched Lands prove deadly as Sylas and his companions search for the Stone of Fire. Disaster strikes as Sky falls unconscious from the brutal heat, just as a band of strange warriors come to capture the weary heroes. The freedom of his friends and outcome of their mission rests on Sylas as he enters a duel arena, his only chance at success being victory.


A mysterious new world and the truth of Maelos’s true power begin to unfold as the secrets of the Void are slowly revealed. In the meantime, the Dark Mage himself has uncovered mysteries of his own, unlocking knowledge that brings him ever closer to his own goals. In his success, his plans quickly take new form… allowing himself to join the front lines of battle.


The most dangerous and difficult battle of their lives commences as Sylas and his friends find themselves face to face with Duskbringer, an ancient red dragon who’s greatest treasure is the one thing that Sylas cannot leave without… The Stone of Fire. 

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