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The Vault of Kings: The Tree of Life

An alliance with the Light has been formed. However, if Sylas and the others are to succeed in their quest to take back Gelendor, they will need to recruit another strong ally. As they embark upon the adventurous and dangerous path towards Winjjrith, the capital of Air, Sylas and Samara will confront strange creatures, find ancient wonders, and participate in the festival of WindSong, Winjjrith’s most sacred celebration. The people of Air are powerful, yet peaceful. It will take something miraculous to convince them to break their era of relative peace to go to war.

Meanwhile, Torren and the Treespeakers begin to uncover their own mysteries in Gelendor... A sacred wonder, hidden since the world began. Sylas and Samara must be swift in gaining the alliance of the people of Air if they are to save their friend before it’s too late.

Sylas carries with him a secret, one whispered to him during the battle in which Gelendor lost. A secret about the Tree of Life, and with it, the location of the Stone of Nature. To defeat the army of Darkness, Sylas will need to harness the power of Air, the very first of all the Magick elements. After that, he must gain the alliance of warriors of Winjjrith and hope it will be enough to take back the city that he loves so much.

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